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Postby AliceElite » Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:43 pm

HEY! Calling all Ninja bibliophiles!

It is time for the first ever Ninja Evolution Book swap. That's right my lit bbs, it's time to share your love of books with your fellow ninjas. Finish a book you adore and want to pay it forward? Have a book you LOVE and want to gift a fellow ninja a new copy? Comment here and shoot us an email to send your new/gently used books to your fellow ninjas.

The rules are simple - If you want to participate, send an email (with "Ninja Evolution Book Swap Sign Up" as the subject line) to with four important pieces of information and post below to sign up. Sign ups will be open for two weeks. At the end of those two weeks, a lovely member of your Literature Moderating team will shuffle the sign ups about and we will assign you a human person to bequeath a book. It’s okay if you want to share who you got, but let’s keep the books you sent a surprise - everyone loves surprise mail. <3 After you are assigned a ninja, you have one week to send out your books. It is STRONGLY suggested that you get tracking and insurance on your package - if your ninja doesn’t get a book (and we can’t track it and see where it got lost) you will be barred from participating in the future. :( And that would be sad. After you have sent your book, please shoot us an email letting us know it is en route, including the tracking number if you got one.

The pieces of information we need are as follows:

Your full mailing address including your username:
Sue Smith (SueSmith23)
55 NinjaVideo Ave
Newark, NJ

A genre of book you DO NOT WANT:
"I hate horror stories they're so boring please don't send me one"

The genre of book you want to send:
"I want to send someone this awesome scifi book The Left Hand of Darkness because Ursula K LeGuin is my QUEEN I worship her."

And where you are willing to send your book to:
"I'm tight on cash so I can only send within my country"
"I am totally willing to internationally ship a ninja my fave book."

Here is a list of average postal rates for a standard hardcover book - cost will vary on shape/size/weight of your book. Another option is to buy new/used through amazon and send to your recipient's address via the gifting feature! That was Z0mbie's brilliant idea, or at least, he's the one that let me know it was an option. ;)

Within US - $15 USD
To Canada - $25 USD
To UK - $35 USD

Within Canada - $15 CND
To US - $25 CND
To UK - $25 CND (may not include tracking)


Within UK - 9 BP
To Canada/US - 19 BP

I am so, so excited to get a round of book swapping going - I love getting new books and I love spreading book love. I can’t wait to share my love of books with you all. <3
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Postby AliceElite » Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:44 pm

Again, shoot us an email and comment on this thread to sign up!

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