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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows

Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 6:20 am
by Rivoc
So I've seen on shitty FB that this movie is nominated for a razzie, aka of the shittiest movies of the year award.

It wasn't a bad movie. I might be the biggest Ninja Turtle fan on the site (MAYBE not...) and while it definitely was not good, it wasn't anywhere near terrible, either.

Here was my reaction, which I realized hit hard with me after I typed the 15th paragraph ON MY PHONE as a FB reply to this article heading:
Spoiler: show
"Bebop and Rocksteady stole the movie. Hands down, they were more interesting and had better roles in the movie.

The biggest problem I have with this movie is that The Ninja Turtles didn't act like The Ninja Turtles. They had the opening scene, and pranking the pizza guy, and the fighting scene at the end scene, only.

The rest of the time, they were just beings who just happened to be on the same side and with each other - It was like going to see your favorite "Tag Team" wrestlers live, back in the day - except when they start to wrestle, they do NO team moves together at all - just two people, that you know you enjoy, who happen to be on the same team wearing similar clothes to each other. No famous moves or anything!

The dialogue and story between the Turtles after the first 15-20 mins just SUCKED!!!!!

The first movie, they REALLY gave you a sense they were teenagers and brothers. The elevator scene with the song they hummed and dished out, the "combo" moves, the attitude, the comedy, the togetherness...... just wasn't there. I WISH I could tell you this "TMNT greatness" we all know and love was in the second movie also. I WISH I could say that.... I REALLLLLLLLY do!!!!!!

They (Turtles) did the SAME TROPE - where they split up and mistrust each other/get mad and possibly not speak to each other again and branch off their separate ways...

Bebop and Rocksteady KILLED IT and stole the hilarious dialogue - excellent one liners and all, insults, team moves, and togetherness - EVERY IDIOSYNCRACY we (I) absolutely LOVE about the TMNT!!!!!

They were the highlight.

I wish they'd (directors/studio/fat cats) stop giving the turtles the same big inner challenge from each movie that we'd (me) already seen. (STOP THAT!!! BAD WRITERS/DIRECTORS) Especially when you don't need it to be as big of a thing as you force it to be- when you have so many villains to work with, with such depth and substance, too!

Give me a TMNT movie about The Rat King meeting up or creating (even tho he didn't, to my knowledge) Leatherhead, to team up and wreak havoc upon Manhattan.

I wanna see The Rat King use all sorts of cheesy itching powder, laughing gas, sleeping powder grenades around his shoulder!!!! I wanna see the ridulousness of Leatherhead, a huge croc/alligator (I know not the difference) use a large buoy knife/Machete sword fight with it in the sewers, AND I want to see the giant Rat King/Air Ship toy I owned as a kid, chase down the turtle van and battle mario kart-style, in a way similar to The Death Egg ship vs. Sonic or John McClane vs ANY helicopter chase scene...... something of that ridiculous caliber that's synonymous from the old cartoon and crazy detailed action figured I used to love!!!!

Seriously, Bebop and Rocksteady are the reasons to see this movie. Krang just felt forced, along with the techno drone and Dimension-X.

Can't we just get more of these awesome villains instead of going Spider-Man 3 on the franchise????? Give me an alligator (or croc?) and a guy who thinks he's the king of all rats, or even a human fly FFS fight some ninja turtles any day , instead of this introduce a stereotypical alien mastermind, and force it unnecessarily down our throats along with the other stuff shoved down there.

Take it a couple bad guys at a time..... we've seen "Have them fight aliens for the sake of mankind" hundreds of times!!

If you're gonna do Krang and Dimension X, don't throw other bad guys you've never used before just for the sake of using them. DO THEM JUSTICE!!!!! USE THEIR POTENTIAL!!!!! CREATE THEM (Bad Guys') MORE POTENTIAL IF NEED BE!!!!

Just don't be the assholes that do something just to say you did it. This movie wasn't good enough representation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles we all know and love AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!

Get some better writers and/or a better director if need be. Don't tarnish my favorite childhood world/depiction over your laziness, oversight and greed!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Does anyone else feel me? Or has anyone who is a fan and saw it think otherwise???? Let me know I'm not the only 34 year old Ninja Turtles fan in our community, please :D

Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows

Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 6:35 am
by Rivoc
Aside from a few typos, this is an ingenius review of this movie. Can you tell I puffed first?