Expressive living or minimal lifestyle

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Your dwelling is

Packed to the brim about to explode
Decorated nicely
Idk it's a house
No votes
Completely empty
Minimal decorations
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Postby Rwn » Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:45 am

Is there a swelling in your dwelling? Filled to the room about to burst. Hardly able to contain it any more. Just gotta ram a few more things in there?

So are you the kind of person who goes all out with decorations and holds on to everything because of nostalgia?

Or do you leave it sparse, instead opting for a minimalist lifestyle.

Phara Edit: This is what inspired this thread!!! :)

[5:37:24 AM] rwn: Art... Weird stuff yo
[5:37:48 AM] Phara: gives me the feels yo
[5:37:48 AM] rwn: I suppose I should get some... I can tell all my bare walls unnerves some people
[5:37:54 AM] Phara: i really love it
[5:37:56 AM] Phara: i have stuff everywhere
[5:37:58 AM] Phara: not hung ofc
[5:38:01 AM] Phara: cuz I'm fuckin lazy
[5:38:06 AM] Phara: but it gives me the feelz
[5:38:21 AM] rwn: I've always lived a minimalist life when it comes to materialistic stuffs
[5:38:24 AM] rwn: I move too much
[5:38:53 AM] rwn: Seriously whenever I move I throw away or donate 90% of my stuff
[5:39:39 AM] rwn: Besides electronics. Everything I own would fit into my car
[5:41:27 AM] Phara: I'm the opposite
[5:41:29 AM] Phara: super hoarder
[5:41:31 AM] Phara: lose everything
[5:41:34 AM] Phara: came back from prison
[5:41:36 AM] Phara: and was like
[5:41:40 AM] Phara: holy fuck why do i own all this shit
[5:41:49 AM] Phara: and then i petted and stroked everything and bought storage bins
[5:41:50 AM] Phara: MINE
[5:42:06 AM] rwn: Lmao
[5:42:23 AM] rwn: Idk I moved so much growing up I just got used to it
[5:42:40 AM] rwn: Now the GF she is damn near a hoarder
[5:43:11 AM] rwn: I just like to live all minimal like. Toss everything into my car on a whim and go
[5:43:19 AM] Phara: i like that too
[5:43:21 AM] Phara: just not capable of it
[5:43:23 AM] Phara: make this a thread
[5:43:24 AM] rwn: It's an oddly liberating feeling
[5:43:28 AM] Phara: hoarding vs Spartan or something
[5:43:29 AM] Phara: yea totally
[5:43:33 AM] Phara: make op and cnp convo
[5:43:39 AM] Phara: if cnp convo is a bitch i'll do it for you
[5:43:40 AM] Phara: go go go
[5:43:42 AM] Phara: i'm high
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Postby Phara » Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:48 am

i love that you call it expressive living. hahahahhaaha


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Postby Kay » Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:31 am

Aside from my very long shelf full of Build-a-Bears and my TV, I have next to nothing on my walls.

My closet however.......... is very "expressive." :)
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Postby girlapaloo » Mon Jun 20, 2016 6:08 pm

Having lived in small spaces my whole life, I have not tried to fill up my first home with a bunch of stuff.

I was always used to so much clutter that I could not get to anything in my place without other stuff falling.
There were TRUCKLOADS of junk left behind when we moved. It was cathartic to say goodbye to all the stupid shit.
Now I have a few rooms in the house with absolutely nothing in them. No furniture, no artwork...
just beautiful, beautiful space.
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Postby Gwenno » Mon Jun 20, 2016 6:18 pm

I'm a clutterer that's a secret hoarder, my partner is more minimalistic. We're both still adjusting, I try to deal with empty spaces (There could be a photo there, or a dillydally) he tries to accept my stuff decorating, lying around, growing LOL
Having a lo doesn't help either. He's the clean up crew, I step over shitz >.<
The poor boy is getting mixed messages all the time
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Postby Feydakin » Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:30 pm

Considering that I'm floating between places at the moment, and mostly am living with my girlfriend temporarily until we move back to NH in a few years, I don't really decorate at all... even my place in NH isn't decorated. I definitely will when we settle down though. I actually can't wait to finally have my own, for real space again. I am definitely a neat freak though, everything in it's place and minimal clutter if any. My girlfriend is a slob and it drives me nuts. I feel like with no kids and more space we'll be better off.
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Re: Expressive living or minimal lifestyle

Postby Brewtality » Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:26 pm

I have a lot of stuff to decorate my house with but I'm in a place right now which I don't see myself staying in for long so I've just left it in boxes. I have a nice bookshelf where I keep some of my trinkets and things (a prehistoric stone axe, items I picked up on my travels, my Darth Vader mask...) and that'll have to do for now. I usually have lots of pictures and posters up so I'm looking forward to moving into a new place and being able to display everything again.


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