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Postby cerrodepedro » Thu Apr 14, 2016 5:31 am

Anybody in here NOT in huge admiration of this person? Kaki King is rocking my cross faded world right now. The video just linked is basically a background/documentary-ish production, and when she speaks she does so in a way that few people who talk fast do. Most are just bullshitting and repeating themselves but she's got SO DAMNED MUCH to say and ALL OF IT IS MEANINGFUL and productive. You can fucking see her pupils and irises reflecting as much information about that complex synapse-firing as they're able.

So like listen to this. If you have feelings, let us honor the artist and express how she makes us feel. For me works like this persuade me to believe that even if 99 percent of the biosphere is fucked because of us, if this shit ever existed at any time i think our existence was also justified.
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Postby Azealdread » Fri Apr 15, 2016 4:26 pm

That was awesome, i love her style for playing. When i used to play guitar i would want to do it like that and my music teach told me that is not how you play. Of course i never listened and went about my own way making my own music. This lead to a lot more of an enjoyable class for me. When we had tests which consisted of playing a song for the teacher i would always play like that and make it up on the spot while others played songs popular at the time.

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