Religion and Getting High

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Postby Phara » Sun May 08, 2016 10:30 am

Super interesting...

Daily Beast wrote:
How Ancient Religion Got You High

Religion and drugs wouldn’t seem to mix well, but history tells us otherwise.
Earlier this year a small group of self-designated nuns in California known as the Sisters of the Valley were been embroiled in a legal battle over their right to grow, bless, and distribute marijuana. It’s a peculiar case, the roots of which lie in an error in the newly introduced California Medical Marijuana Safety and Regulation Act. The discrepancy was cleared up but the case drew attention to the Sisters of the Valley and their unusual vocation: to turn stoner culture into healing culture.
Many people, including the founder of the order, would question whether or not the Sisters of the Valley are actual nuns (the founder, Sister Kate, decided to assume the status of nun when in 2011 Congress decided that two tablespoons of tomato paste qualified as a vegetable. She felt that if pizza was a vegetable she could be a nun). But irrespective of their official status, the Sisters of the Valley aren’t the first group to blend religion and narcotics.
There are veiled references to drugs in the religious literature of a number of ancient societies. In Homer’s Odyssey the protagonist Helen, the daughter of Zeus, casts the antidepressant drug nepenthe into wine in order to quiet the drinker’s “pain and strife.” According to Homer, the drug originally came from Egypt, and Helen obtained it from the wife of an Egyptian nobleman...

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Word up drugs came from Egypt. lololol.

i love this pic.


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Postby Brewtality » Sun May 08, 2016 10:43 am

What an awesome picture. Back in the UK there are numerous ancient sites which have carvings of spirals. They are often linked to burial sites and interestingly, are located in places where magic mushrooms of different varieties are found. It certainly seems as though sncient 'British' beliefs were influenced by or perhaps revolved around the ingestion of psychedelic drugs - possibly in some kind of shamanistic fashion.

I think there are even weed references in the Bible, which considering the influence of Egyptian culture and mythology within proto-Christian belief would make sense.


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