Who is the true villain of Inside Out?

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Postby Zansi'Vara » Sat Apr 16, 2016 5:29 pm

Just ran across this great video that makes a lot of great points about how our society views emotions. Check it out. :D

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Postby ink » Sat Apr 16, 2016 7:19 pm

interesting, yes. one way i like to view happiness, is similar to that of a fleeting trait. like happiness is a moment in time, subject to change. tell a joke thats funny, i laugh, therefore happiness. kick me in the shins, then pain, so happiness has left the building.
whereas, joy to me, is more of a state of being. like regardless of what emotion i may be colored with at the time, joy superceeds that. ex, tears of joy. ever cried those..? uum, let me think of another parallel. hmm.. i dont usually like to speak of myself as a poor man, because i think that there is a damaging mentality that aligns with that.. and if i have no money, then i would associate it with being broke. a current state, subject to change. like the state of being will always superceed the emotional marker. i hope that makes sense.

ive never watched inside out.. after having said all that, seems a bit odd, based on how i tend to view things, that a the name for the happiness emotion is joy.. idk might seem wierd, but sometimes i think inverted. :/

*also - i noticed that they have already incorporated the inside out ppls into smileys on skype.. weird again! or is it.. o_O
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