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Postby betweenraindrops » Sat Jul 22, 2017 7:19 am

How these prison shackles rattle as I walk towards the consequences of ills committed just yesterday

The reflection I envisage seethes a red-hot hate with the coldest stare by the eyes of trained indifference

I never noticed the signs; I never knew. The strong pungency of bleach is deliberate as if to mask the killing. It doesn't work, just makes it worse

The sigh leaves me as if it were a final gasp before being pulled into the ethers

Thirst tugs and pounds from within deeply
Winds bellow loud swaying this frail body
The moonlight shifts as the voice enunciates my penance

How long I'll stand listening in shame I cannot say. The ache, that lust never fulfilled, waves of bitterness and a tangled mess of hair streaked white is all I see

The world had been gambled away, freedoms were spent gregariously and darkness roared as it conquered this soul's rights entirely

"After, it's always after...", you've heard my parched throat repeat a hundred times over. Still, you refrain to believe the gloss and shine taken from me

How can you see past this murder? Recognise the transgressor in the mirror, stone her, fight the liar from taking over

Go. Lock the cell as you leave me with the child, your child, that I just miscarried.
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Re: Off-White

Postby ravenrussell » Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:04 pm

Awesome poem/prose. I love the character, how close is it to you. I"m guessing you've never committed murder, how did you find the feelings so well? I wrote a poem 1st person about being a kidnapper once.
I would love to hear any background on this poem. Well written.
Peace to all.

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