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"Set me apart as a poem, Said the Title to Me"

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:31 am
by ravenrussell
"Set me apart as a poem, Said the Title to Me"
1/1/2017 8:29pm Pacific Time Zone

And I use conjunctions too much
And I don't really give a shit latin tongued one
Modus Operandi, not mode of operations,
a simple vernacular disaster, childhood
like a venereal wheeze, in the cold winter.

And I protest the rising filthy, catered affairs,
And I didn't get to see Clinton,
cause she charged us, took her parting blow on
the inaudible speakers that spoke out against muteness
"We're not Dumb"

I feel the creamy shadows call to me,
Manhattan like a hanger nail that I've
wish washed in whitewash, wash kush
circular breathing, with square shaped atmosphere
breathing bits of chemtrails,
and pointing at how pretty they are

Hail the Beautiful Destroyers,
The ones who use And,
way too much.
Art is not your fucking pulpit,
but it sure puts you in the firing line.
Dream Bond, Shaken and Disturbed.

Brother make way in the catheterized jungle
Angels breathing in monoxide
and spitting out broken, guttural secretions.
Voice like an archaic reminder of tailpipes unsmoked.

Lose your voice to the moment,
you own it,

better let it go, electorally binded.
there were cauldrons of the wicked
before the stew was labeled.
No labels.

No pin on your lapels.
to prove to me you are a ninja
dream kitana's with me
slice like some Vanilla flavored Ice
vanilla peppered sky
outside our masks of indecision lay real hope
the chemical splendor
of dreaming the end,
smiling in reverie, and charismatic farts.

Re: Collected Poems by Raven... HAI ITS PHARA... I LIKE THESE

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 5:31 am
by ravenrussell
I may be shaded
I may have drug
i may haven't shrugged
I might'n be created

The sworn May
Flower, musn't
They may Soil
your mayn't soil

Fold pneumonic
epileptic septic
Memorizing lines
like EGBDF
Elvis' is Broke
Cause his Guitar

Hit friday,
with fresh exhumed ought'n not

Cycle of elements
introducing tents to city streets
meeting on the periodic
hypnotic suggestion sick(quick)

Re: Collected Poems by Raven... HAI ITS PHARA... I LIKE THESE

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:31 pm
by ink
^^ some clever wordplay


Re: Collected Poems by Raven... HAI ITS PHARA... I LIKE THESE

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:39 am
by ravenrussell
in stockades of in spoken breaks
flogging the crank from veins caked
wheeled it from the waked and unawake
mealy wimpers from the past regrets
of skating figures, triple clutz

the stockades
cloaked in the smell of speak easy indisciberability
the last lemonade stand
with oranges instead of squeaky clean fertility rituals
titilating debacle
bifurcative, trying to be focal points, astigmitized migraine spots littering the polka
loss like an accordion
love like a badly placed
key to the nothing that is the spaced out, travesty of the long walk home from
the stockades

tarred and fettered, by colloquialisms,
stern and stirred in holo paw grams,
those bears always did give me the shivers

winning clocks with their hand in restraints,
out spoken
in the outhouse of my own eye strained
dote over dominoes
the bones will align their matches
the spiralling whimsy of catching
the catether,
as your own shaft sap, bleeds hours, days, weaks,
simple lutz, of rating figurine women on the 1-10 scale
as if numbers were a sum to be stressed to failing.

uttering as the fluttering butterflies,
fry the majesty in a pan of grease and wettened whistles,

the shrill
of a piccolo
in the thistled undergarments

echoing in the new cummers,
strummed like stalagmites finding gravity inconvenient.

By: Squander
1/22/2017 7:54pm

Re: Collected Poems by Raven... HAI ITS PHARA... I LIKE THESE

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:30 am
by NaranjaRa
some really excellent wordplay there
i keep reading it over and over...

Re: Collected Poems by Raven... HAI ITS PHARA... I LIKE THESE

Posted: Mon May 01, 2017 12:25 am
by ravenrussell
"The Unit Support the Whole"

Garbled man is making sense. (Somehow Perfectly).
Clear man is cracking back. (In the Dark Room).
Video woman is strutting. (Even Off Camera -
- Cat Walk-).
Raven woman is lighting. (Lightening the Lightning):

with thundercloud feather strikes throbbing;
with dream sharing communes unsheathing;
with compassionate cavalcades of remorsing;
with dried handkerchiefs used for tindering;

future's bright bonfire glow and burning. (Bountiful and Free)...

Batman is Jon Juan with romance. (Onto His Cape).
L. man came by and shined. (Ivory Coast, Hipster Smiles).
Martin man, the martian from another mother. (Lost Phone with-
- It's Lost Blessings).
David slays his Goliath, now leads in opal excellence. (Lead Me Off, -
- Then Back on
Raven Russell writes to capture moments. (marry me again 0%):

with slurred speech becoming manic mumbling;
with sadness's concordium, powerless cock walking;
with fierce furred chin, child face melting under wing;
with furrowed brows, concerned heart wrinkling.

Scared Buddha wriggles the floor, (Naked as Mee)..............

Re: Collected Poems by Raven... HAI ITS PHARA... I LIKE THESE

Posted: Mon May 01, 2017 12:32 am
by ravenrussell
Uniquity Lace

She brought her opal skin against and for me.
My freckled leather
hidden under dander
and rough luminescence
uniquity lace, with her hips
of hula gods twirling spice whips
Her grass skirt, throws

caution to the wind

winding down tonight, I imaged her sofa
(plump and rumpled in my bedpost huffs)
impressed by her body, de pressed by myself

I delicately rc
a h

into a sudden room spinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

She asks me to design her a first line, a flirt skirt
for the think clink,


that is her only request

my eyes, the burning retina eye staring,

dreams, dust, and only thoughts of You.
She focuses on happiness, and I know happiness can't stop staring,

can't take its collective breath
without her clinking mimosa glass.

She brought her boots yesterday, fluffed cotton,
-my freckled leather-
massaging lather into her leopard spots.

in Picasso pools they would rather be time
in my stalled, shower show of climbanaxing.

Brief interludes of chaos keep me fresh.
Peace to all.

Re: Collected Poems by Raven... HAI ITS PHARA... I LIKE THESE

Posted: Mon May 01, 2017 12:34 am
by ravenrussell
"Me, Personified"

Moronic neurotic/
Platonic hypersonic/
Pneumonics and Phonics/
Chronic tonic/
Electronic blotter/

Draw, Lose, then win,
fold it all in.
Colonic bong hit,
older then, if and when.
Spastic, sleazy elastic
stretched thin,
like plastic sod,
a green finned god.

Goldfish in a barrel,
shooting silver rounds at me.
Running quickly from:

pigs riding indifference like a rocket;
squiggly people playing straight lines;
and the me, the me, the awry me,
my greatest foe, or so they said mutely.

He faces me from sunup to sundown.
He debases me internally,
externally anger glows, is all that shows.
He drives me to the edge of insanity,

and says,
"Time for you to get out, you won't
like it where we're going."
I stare the storm ahead and up, down.
He and I ride into nature's turmoil,
with our baseball hats backwards,
but showing the world our direction,
in the side viewed mirror.
"The storm must be better than here."

Re: Collected Poems by Raven... HAI ITS PHARA... I LIKE THESE

Posted: Tue May 02, 2017 1:50 pm
by ravenrussell
"L X and I"

Your presence like a wry discussion,
gone yogurt in consistency, silt, seeds.
Your blouse so top soil, in river's mouth.
The buckling of your buttons, south of town.
Scattered polyester blending with raven's beak.
Your presence mattered in well-rounded, speech curves.

Your demonstration lacked the thigh elevator show.
High heels, tauting your calves, I forget about the stairs,
and stare in accidental throes, throwing your edge to the banister.
Nylons bunched and thrown from the roof, of level G, the night Spot.

Your presence during backdoor medusa,
with the sidewinder head of passion parties past.
Vocally, voraciously, I can't keep you quiet in libraries.
You bring different spectacles each time, I turn to blurry stone.
Will power got me through my first 38, your sex induced heart murder
(will put me on my lips, laid out hot to ground floor, with the deviant security guard).

Your eloquence is brought up, as if we wouldn't be too rampant to discuss anything.
Simple phrases like, "baby I need some water desperately," and "YES, PLEASE!"
Your presence is an optical treat, an allusion to a bridges lower span.
Delicate suspensions of threads read in secret, demonstrative eyes.
Pasty they may say, I say pastry. Ivory they say, I vary on 3-5 a day.
Can your ol' caboose take the coal, to highway up the sky.

Your presence was hosted by the most beautiful women,
those multi-mirrors in your dressing room, literical illusion.
Drop those blackened cranium roots into me, twist it wavy or straight.
Miraculous moments snap your waistband wildly, hours later britches up.
My sovereignty , deeds, and time left in your g-string. Later lust holds us prisoner.
Your presence in horizontal stripe, strip teases. Our showers may contain many.
Your passion party soaps, tiny bullets, plugs for the holes that remain filled by the warden

Your presence monitored by fly on the wall, multi-eyed, up-skirt.
My safe word, "dontsTTTooop" and I'm not going to be grammatical while licking my eyes clean.
All the visual poisons that entered my sockets, cleanse me, reinvigorate Raven. Lots of suds.
Adventurous as we have money for. Aftermarket, dollar store, black market, we'll find toys.
My prescience tells me that lines don't pull people in, given that, let's tangle in jute rope.
Your wonder will flip me and my missionary style over-training.

By: Raven Russell
6:39am PST

Re: Collected Poems by Raven... HAI ITS PHARA... I LIKE THESE

Posted: Sat May 06, 2017 11:37 pm
by NaranjaRa

Re: Collected Poems by Raven... HAI ITS PHARA... I LIKE THESE

Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:23 pm
by ravenrussell
A little late, but in honor of LGBT Awareness last month.

"May We Meet in June"

Girl, your charged-up, cat walk purrs.
Girl, your softened, chant talk whirl.
Girl, your capers, tongue popped open.
Girl, your grape stem roped and groping.

I miss the hypnotic dance floor
every time you order for two.
Thumping hearted core, every time
you heel spill.
I need another tongue.

Girl, with backlight angling swooped.
Girl, and me, hard light, pigeon cooped.
Girl, we smack lips, caged by conformity.
Girl, chicken wire imprints momentary.

We were the midnight sunlight.
No notice of your ivory rose.
Baby, we both boutonnièred.
Girls of proximity
blooming when near.

Girl, your Twister polka dot number.
Girl, your summer, taste bud numb er.
Girl, we paste childhoods to memory.
Girl, we dance love like mahogany.

The chaperone will ditch out.
Our innocence switched open/shut.
Braced breathing in the foyer.
Baying at moonlight.
Soufflé voyeur dressed in his blinds.

We laugh, Girl, like two women should.

by: Raven Russell
2:00 am PST